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Cabot Guns is certainly the hottest 1911 pistol maker around the world. It is recognized in the firearms industry as the Rolls Royce of 1911's, thanks to the quality and precision of its pistols.

1911 Pistols of Cabot Guns are produced entirely in the USA, not simply assembled. They represent American excellence in the design and manufacture of pistols reserved for enthusiasts looking for the exceptional 1911 pistol.

Owner of a Cabot pistol, you are not only the proud owner of the "best pistol ever produced" (S.P. Fjestad; Author, Editor & Publisher, Blue Book of Gun Values), but you are also part of the Cabot family.

In the automotive world there are Rolls Royce and Lamborghini, in the world of Swiss watches there are Patek Philippe and Rolex, now in the world of firearms there are Cabot Guns.

Without a doubt the best 1911 pistol ever produced and finally available thanks to the efforts of Premium Arms International for some European markets including France.

The Premium Arms International team has the privilege of representing the Cabot Guns brand, and of importing the most beautiful models that exist.

It's good to know that Cabot Guns delivery times are getting longer year after year, reaching around 18 months today. For enthusiasts wishing to acquire a 1911 Cabot which is not in our available stocks, or a 1911 Cabot from the OAK (One of A Kind) range, Premium Arms is at your disposal to guide you and especially bring you its expertise in what is done at Cabot Guns and what it is possible to do, accompanying you from your order to the delivery of your Cabot Gun to your home.

Let your imagination run wild to transform the 1911 of your dreams not only into reality but certainly into one of the best 1911s out there. Only this time it will be exclusively yours with the certainty that there will never be two alike in the world.

Thanks to the vocation of Cabot Guns, and their obsession to produce the best in the world of firearms, especially what has never been done before, your new 1911 will take you beyond your passion and what you could have dared to imagine so far.

Cabot Blue Scorpion : One of A Kind Custom 1911

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