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0.30-06, 6,5x47 L, 6,5 Crdmr, 300 WM, 7RM, 338 LM

22LR, 17HMR, 22 Ma, 6 Norma BR, 243 Win, 308 Win, 7.08 Rem


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The world of sport shooting is over all a Passion. For some it is that of old weapons, long guns, or handguns, precision rifles, revolvers, pistols, models before or after world wars, for others it is that of IPSCC, PRS, Speed shooting, precision shooting and many others ...

Sport shooting has the particularity of being accessible to all and attracts enthusiasts of all categories. From the moment you have reached the authorized age you can get started. Whether you are a man or a woman, neurological surgeon or construction worker, state department agent or private salesman, sport shooting and its firearms bring together enthusiasts from all backgrounds. Each of the enthusiasts will satisfy their passion in their own way, with the firearms, calibers and shooting disciplines of their choice.

Among shooting enthusiasts, we can find many profiles, different budgets, desires or preferences, ranging from beginners to the most experienced, those who are discovering and learning, and then those who have been around and who think they've learned everything!

cabot gran torino

Those who only shoot homemade ammunition with very secret recipes and those who will never reload a cartridge, those who find that the Geco is more precise than the Magtech, and those who think that nothing beats a Hornady ... Those who prefer modern polymer combat weapons, such as Glock, HK or CZ, others who are steel unconditional, and who will be more attracted by Sig P226, CZ Shadow in 9mm, or 1911s in 45. ACP.

There are those who are looking for the perfect precision weapon who will certainly prefer a Sig P210 to any other weapon, or revolvers. Those who are happy with the Smith & Wesson 357 Mag or their Ruger 44 Mag., and those who want nothing but a Manurhin, those who would dream of owning a Korth, and those who already own a Korth but would absolutely want to trade it in for a Janz revolver!

There are those who ideals the M16 and those who would rather want an AR-15, those who for nothing in the world will shoot with a caliber other than the 308 Win, and those who are attached to the 338 Lapua Mag.

There are also those who are looking for rarity, the collector's holy grail or the weapon unlike any other that will stand out at the shooting range, if not those who absolutely want to shoot with a fully original endowment weapon, and those who want nothing more than a fully Custom gun, going from the choice of color to the whole host of elements and accessories they can modify.

Cabot - The legend of sacramento

You will understand that we are guided by passion, for some even an addiction or an obsession where there is no room for rational judgment, nor for the "who is better or who is right". Simply, each enthusiast is right, and above all has his own reasons.

Based on this observation, it is not that easy to find the firearm that best suits you! Indeed, according to the RGA (General Register of Arms) there are more than 43,500 reference of weapons listed in France alone! So how to find happiness among this jungle! And especially when we have found it, to whom shall we go to acquire it or from whom to obtain the best advice before committing ourselves, with whom to discuss it in order to have different opinions or feedback, to help us decide between this or that brand, between this or that caliber, or between this or that model?

It is precisely at this stage that the professionals of armament take their place, who are not here only for passion but mainly to make a living.

Enthusiasts rely on the opinion of specialized and impartial professionals attentive to their desires and their wishes who regardless of their choice will earn the same margin. Rather than the opinion of a sponsored amateur on internet who will not be able to recommend anything else than the brand that finances him! It is important to distinguish between the real experienced amateurs who publish informative or educational tutorials of excellent quality and of great utility, and the half-amateurs, half-professionals ready to tell us what we want to hear as long as it serves their cause.

Among the professionals, there are importers, distributors, general gunsmiths, specialist gunsmiths, hunting specialists, sports shooting specialists, those more famous for long guns, or for long range rifles, or for handguns. We will choose them for their specialty or their professionalism, their proximity or their available stock, or for the quality of their advice and maybe also be for some of us only for the prices they charge. It is up to everyone to select their armory shop at their convenience. But it is important to remember at this time that this is our passion, therefore a superfluous that we seek to satisfy with the idea of what would be most pleasant to us and not vital need for which we are looking to buy at the lowest or most economical price!

pistolet ACW

The complexity of making your choice lies above all in the fact that in most European countries you will not be able to try out the firearm before buying it, even if you would have had the opportunity to borrow it from a friend or have it rented on a range and have done a few test shots, that will never determine with certainty if the weapon is indeed the one that suits you best.

The only certitude of having made the right choice is this inexplicable alchemy, or even fusion which is created between the shooter and the weapon which will represent a perfect compatibility, and which will generate sensations of infinite pleasures at each shooting session. In short, if you do not feel this indescribable pleasure, it is because your choice did not fall on the weapon of your dreams.

acw prime elite

Just like many other domains such as the automobile or watchmaking, there is the car that we buy to travel, and the watch that tells us the time, but there is also the Super Sport Car which would turn all heads and the Deluxe Swiss Watch which also tells the time. This comparison is in no way an exaggeration because in the field of weapons, we have the possibility of acquiring the one that will always shoot reliably and precisely, and which will cost us a few hundred euros, but there is also the weapon which sold for 4.5 Million dollars. In between there is a whole list of manufacturers and brands corresponding to all tastes and all prices, which will certainly make you happy.

Carabine Legacy RS1

However, the stakes are not really the same for enthusiasts seeking to realize a dream or a desire and a professional seeking to earn a living. The challenging choices made by importers toward brands or models has to combine both the attractiveness of their audience and the profitability they seek. Mostly, importers choose selling large quantities for existing markets. This explains why it is easier to find mass production weapons rather than niche fully Customized ones.

Fortunately, some importers choose a different route by specializing only in a niche market of weapons or accessories. Less known but equally competitive, these markets often have the advantage of offering the best value for money that exists.

carabine legacy

This is the challenge of PREMIUM ARMS INTERNATIONAL, one of the last born of importers but of a "breed" unlike any other. The perfect combination of a passionate and experienced team strongly convinced that a passion always hides well-known niches in some countries but not in others or even exclusive secrets that make more than one dream. We go so far where no importer has dared setting foot. A team that makes of it promises its daily challenge, a promise of exceptional weapons, fair prices, new brands, available stocks, Custom weapons, and above all, a lot of pleasure.

ACW Prime Elite Hard Chrome