PREMIUM ARMS INTERNATIONAL, one of the last born of importers but of a "breed" unlike any other. The perfect combination of a passionate and experienced team strongly convinced that a passion always hides well-known niches in some countries but not in others or even exclusive secrets that make more than one dream. We go so far where no importer has dared setting foot. A team that makes of it promises its daily challenge, a promise of exceptional weapons, fair prices, new brands, available stocks, Custom weapons, and above all, a lot of pleasure.

A portfolio made up of exclusive brands, some of which are still unknown in Europe, despite an indisputable dominance on the American market, such as Legacy Armament, Cabot Guns, Les Baer, ​​Alchemy Custom Weaponery, Tink Arms, Utas Defense, Powertac, Spuhr, Atlas Accu-shot, Accu-Tac, Timney Triggers, Jewell Triggers, Triggertech, Alpha Elite, DLG Tactical, Lok Grips.

For most of our brands, we are exclusive importers not only in France but also in Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands.