The RifleCX brand is the result of a merger between two companies with many years of experience: GCS, a long-standing contractor to the US Army, NATO and Polish Armed Forces, and CX-80. The company has completed several hundred contracts, mastering the needs and specificities of cooperation with the world's largest armies. The company was founded by shooting veterans and enthusiasts and is aimed at professionals who are passionate about firearms. It works on an ongoing basis with issued units, police, army, as well as the civilian sector - sportsmen, collectors, hunters and shooters. CX-80 is a leading manufacturer of multi-purpose and specialized lubricants. CX80 has been on the market in Poland since 1991. CX-80 cooperates with international companies such as DuPont (Teflon), Mercedes Benz Service, Toyota Manufacturing or Procter & Gamble. Leader on the chemical market in Poland, winner of numerous industry awards, distinguished by innovation and product quality.

Professional Firearms Cleaning and Care System

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