Cabot gun

The first man on earth to create a handgun from space but never set foot in it !!

This is the work of an unconditional visionary with an overflowing imagination who may be the only one in the world to claim of having manufactured a 1911 made entirely from a block of meteorite over four billion years old.

You will understand now that we are on a different planet, in completely different dimensions than the pure pragmatism or a simple handgun.

If you come to Cabot Guns for reasons other than fantasy and voyeurism, then you're looking for the exceptional 1911 that you couldn't get anywhere else. From the most sober lines to the most extravagant ideas, Cabot Guns will know how to translate your dreams into a real 1911 that will turn all heads.

World-class precision engineering, machining, and artisan craftsmanship are the beating heart of all Cabot 1911.

Cabot’s quality obsessed team gives all attention and expertise to each and every pistol. A breed of American craftsman committed to excellence, driven by passion, and satisfied with nothing less than perfection. Cabot Guns cut no corners in creation of affordable luxury. 

Now that the stage has been set, it would amount to comparing the manufacturers of 1911 to automobile manufacturers or even to Swiss watchmakers who, despite their differences in style or in techniques, and materials used, they all come together around the same common points that are, Flawless performance, Perfection from every point of view, the love of state of artwork, and above all the pride of those who want to stay ahead.

From there everything is said, the team of Cabot guns will not stand with the rationalism linked to the essential function of a handgun, but they excel in the imagination to interweave art and luxury in an object that until then was purely pragmatic, and become y all meaning a masterpiece of art.

It is certain that a 1911 Cabot will only be within the reach of enthusiasts who do not want any sacrifices at the expense of a price, just like an exceptional sport car or a Swiss watch.

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