Many of us, sport shooters and collectors show a real interest in knives. This ancestral tool which still finds its place at home, in the workshop, in the garage and especially in our pockets, which has also become in some countries of the world a national art where it finds its place in the most prestigious museums.

Sadrin Knives Monza

Just like a handgun, a pocketknife worthy of the name must have essential attributes to make its reputation. Whether it is the materials used for its production, the quality of its machining or its robustness, the folding knife has not finished making people talk about it...

The Premium Arms International team had to select the best in terms of folding knives to meet the most demanding among us.

Sadrin Knives Torino Carbon Fiber

This is where the story of a family that nestles not far from our borders in Italy begins. This family of craftsmen who for more than two generations have devoted their know-how to Tungsten carbide and push the limits of the hardest metal that exists to transform it into a work of art as beautiful and refined as it is robust and durable.

Sandrin Knives Torino Red

SK – Sandrin Knives the most precise knives ever created by man, made of Tungsten carbide and showing a level of finish worthy of 40 years of experience and passion transmitted from father to son. Neither Steel nor Ceramic, Sandrin Knives are the perfect combination of hardness and resistance. With an exceptional hardness of HRC 71, simply put, these are nothing less than the hardest and most durable knife blades ever made.

Sadrin Knives Monza

StaySharp™ Technology - The Ultimate Edge Retention

The flexible tungsten carbide blades of Sandrin knives will stay sharp longer than any other knife due to the unique properties of the blade material. The exclusive technology patented and used by Sandrin Knives makes it possible to create blades with a hardness of 71 HRC while remaining flexible and not brittle.

Sadrin Knives Lonzo

Sandrin Knives, the most durable knife blade ever tested.

Nothing lasts forever, but we're getting closer! 

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