Our Selection of Pistols for the Iconic 1911

Many sport shooters, collectors or professionals, are particularly fond of the 1911 pistol model. No wonder for this Indisputable pioneer of the semi-automatic handgun, this historical monument which, despite its 120 years, continues to seduce shooters around the world.

Is it for its history, its esthetics, its reputation for reliability and precision, or for many other reasons?

Everyone will undoubtedly find their own reasons for their addiction. Those which will certainly orient their choice towards one or the other of the talented craftsmen who could not only make this icon travel through time, but also made it evolve by perfecting and giving it its place in the world of today’s modern handguns.

Each master gunsmith that makes 1911s, treats the subject in his own way and from his own point of view, and we are tempted to say that they are all right!

Among the best that exist, we have selected for you 3 brands which related to our experience reflect the best the practice of the art of the mythical 1911.


pistolets les baer

Mister Les Baer reigns over his rivals such as Ed Brown, Night Hawk, Wilson Combat, Standard Manufacturing, etc. for over a quarter of a century. Not only because he is the ancestor of the 1911 Custom Builders, but he is also the one that brings together unparalleled characteristics like robustness, durability and precision of its pistols and all this with the best value for money that exists in the very closed circle of Custom built 1911s.

It is on this last point that we will dwell. Namely enthusiasts looking for "THE" 1911 with perfect precision and reliability, without esthetic superfluous or crazy materials involved in the production, will certainly wear their choice over the Les Baer 1911s because they incarnate the best the fundamentals of the perfect handgun.


Alchemy Custom Weaponry

Founded by a former apprentice of master gunsmith Les Baer, Rob Schauland, is certainly the student who surpassed the master. Less rational than his mentor, but just as assiduous, he knew how to transport the 1911, from the purely functional and pragmatic handgun, to one which now symbolizes the embodiment of extreme reliability, simple beauty, from classic to the limit of vintage style and with very pure lines.

It is to this brand that the enthusiast looking for "more than a 1911" will go to satisfy his desire of owning a distinguished handgun that will attract much attention.


Cabot 1911 ried

The first madman on earth to create a handgun from space but never set foot in it!

This is the work of an unconditional visionary with an overflowing imagination who may be the only one in the world to claim of having manufactured a 1911 made entirely from a block of meteorite over four billion years old.

You will understand now that we are on a different planet, in completely different dimensions than the pure pragmatism or a simple handgun.

If you come to Cabot Guns for reasons other than fantasy and voyeurism, then you're looking for the exceptional 1911 that you couldn't get anywhere else. From the most sober lines to the most extravagant ideas, Cabot Guns will know how to translate your dreams into a real 1911 that will turn all heads.

To your dreams ... or more ...

To conclude, whether you are an addict or a novice of 1911, you will certainly find among our selection the 1911 of your dreams. Note that we maintain privileged relationships with the 3 selected manufacturers and that we are able to order the model and options of your choice specifically for you, whether at Les Baer Custom, Alchemy Custom Weaponry or at Cabot Guns.

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