The outsider with a revolutionary trigger thanks to a new patented technology resulting by eliminating the friction in the mechanisms (FRT frictionless release Technology). No more creep possible, a trigger pull that brakes like glass, in short, you have to have tried it to believe it. The icing on the cake, Triggertech offers a rich and diversified range of triggers all with one of the best value for the money that exists.


The Dvorak TriggerScan™ System is a computer controlled, motorized instrument, specifically designed to test trigger mechanisms of firearms. The system provides precise and repeatable graphical evidence of trigger quality. The patented technology sets a new standard in trigger quality evaluation. The Dvorak TriggerScantm provides empirical evidence that Frictionless Release Technology™ enables TriggerTech to achieve a true zero-creep release.


Your trigger is your firearm’s operating system, and its purpose is to ensure you are safe and successful. We believe the trigger is the most important component in any firearm and that you should love and trust your trigger. For the last 5 years, we have obsessed over triggers and have left no detail untouched.

TriggerTech the only Frictionless Release Trigger- Love your Trigger

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