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Les Baer Premier II

Nobody Does it Better!

Les Baer Custom is a Pioneer of 1911’s custom build guns. Mister Les Baer reigns over his rivals such as Ed Brown, Night Hawk, Wilson Combat, Standard Manufacturing, etc.. for over a quarter of a century. Not only because he is the ancestor of the 1911 Custom Builders, but he is also the one that brings together unparalleled characteristics like robustness, durability and precision of its pistols and all this with the best value for money that exists in the very closed circle of Custom built 1911s.

Namely enthusiasts looking for "THE" 1911 with perfect precision and reliability, without esthetic superfluous or crazy materials involved in the production, will certainly wear their choice over the Les Baer 1911s because they incarnate the best the fundamentals of the perfect handgun.

The combination of state-of-art, traditional craftmanship with precision engineered custom parts and unmatched attention to detail makes of every Les Baer pistol that leaves the shop a masterpiece of the gun maker’s art. Les Baer is committed to deliver each new owner a heritage-quality firearm that will never fail with an unquestionable accuracy and reliability.

Les Baer Custom

Here are a few highlights of the Les Baer Custom product line:

  • Les Baer Custom Premier II, named as the king of 1911’s, is the flagship of Les Baer Custom line, became over the years the worldwide standard of excellence to which all 1911 pistols are compared.
  • Les Baer Custom Monolith with its unique one bloc bad boy and sturdy look due to its extra-long dust cover matching the slide length.
  • Despite the .45 ACP caliber being the most popular caliber for 1911 pistols, Les Baer offers several calibers options, like 9mm, 38 Super and 10mm on many of his pistols. He also made Government, commander and officer size available for most models.


Interview Mr Les BAER

Visit of the workshops and Interview with Mr Les BAER

Meeting between Mr Les BAER and Weapons Education Channel

Les Baer Custom - Shot show 2020

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