Glock - Legacy Custom Edition

With the desire to produce the best Custom handguns, Legacy Armament had to choose the most reliable and renowned pistol on the market to equip sports shooting competitors with a hadgun that would not only be in the spheres of excellence in terms of its performances and reliability, but also the one that comes closest to the needs and tastes of the competitor.

The easiest way to determine the criteria for the perfect handgun that would delight even the most demanding of competitors is to ask them the following question:

What would the competition pistol of your dreams look like?

This was the starting point for the first Glock Perfection editions made by Legacy Armament which very quickly expanded into a wide range meeting the needs of all sports shooters.

Why Glock Perfection?

Unsurprisingly, Glock Perfection is the name that keeps coming up when it comes to the handgun that can stand up to any test. Why then want to reinvent the wheel? The analysis made of the brand emphasizes the strengths and weaknesses of a Glock. The aim of the exercise being to remove the latter in order to transform a Glock into a perfect handgun by all means and above all adapted to the needs of the sports shooter.

Indeed, a Glock being genetically designed for the combat, it represents unequaled assets in this field, such as the reliability, the robustness, the safety etc., but it represents at the same time obvious weaknesses in comparison to its competitors that are better adapted for competition shooting, particularly in terms of the trigger and precision of the guns.


  • 1. Reliability
  • 2. Durability
  • 3. Robustness
  • 4. Security
  • 5. Price
  • 6. Variety of models and calibers (More than 30 models and 8 calibers available)
  • 7. Availability of spare parts and accessories


  • 1. Shooting comfort
  • 2. Precision
  • 3. Trigger
  • 4. Grip
  • 5. Aesthetic

By combining the strengths of a Glock, we realize that it is indeed a weapon designed for combat shooting or defense and not a weapon intended for sport shooting due to its shortcomings in this area.

This is the challenge that Legacy Armament has decided to take up, transforming the Glock into a perfect weapon for sport shooting and to take the opportunity to look after the aesthetics of the weapon by giving the possibility to the most demanding sport shooters to find their ideal handgun among the range that Legacy Armament has developed.

As a priority, the Legacy Armament team worked on the Glock frame, with two main objectives, to improve the grip of the pistol and above all to increase the performance of the shooter by giving it a more comfortable grip, also allowing him a better control of the weapon during the dynamic shooting sessions as is the case for example for the IPSC.

It is a combination of meticulous work executed by hand at first, aiming to remove the original non-slip prints of the frame making it totally smooth, to offer it in a second step but this time with the help of an extra fine laser a special stippling, that is both effective and comfortable for the shooter. Without neglecting the aesthetic touch that will transform the appearance of the weapon.

The second stage of intervention on the frame consists not only of improving the comfort of the grip but also the position of the weapon in the hand. Indeed, it has been proven that the lower the weapon is in the hand, the easier it is to control the recoil when firing.

It then follows a work on the trigger guard which is hollowed out at the location of the middle finger to reassemble the position of the strong hand and at the location of the index finger of the supporting hand for two-handed shots. Finally, the location of the thumb of the supporting hand under the slide is also worked on to increase grip.

The second stage of intervention is carried out on the trigger groups which undergo two levels of modification, the first consists of changing the springs and certain components of the trigger group to improve the pull weight and the crispness of the trigger which is largely sufficient for most disciplines and sports shooters. The second level of modification is mainly meant for more demanding competitors and consists in completely replacing the trigger group by offering the lightest pull weight and the crispiest trigger available on the market.

For handguns intended for precision disciplines, the original barrels are replaced with Match grade barrels to eliminate the irregularities caused by standard barrels.

The third stage of intervention is purely aesthetic. 3 levels of finishes exist at Legacy Armament, thus meeting all tastes and all budgets of sports shooters wishing to own a handgun that is unlike any other.

The first level stops with the modification of the frame.

The second level offers in addition to the modification of the frame a customized Cerakote coating (frame only).

The third level of finish includes in addition to the modification and the Cerakote coating of the frame, a complete work on the slide with a combination of Cerakote coating and extra fine Laser engraving to offer unique patterns that can leave no shooter insensitive to their beauty.

Legacy Armament, backed by its expertise, the quality of its work and the components integrated into all the modifications it carries out, offers a lifetime warranty on all its handguns.

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